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EPAct 179D: Save Energy, Save Taxes

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct) was enacted creating immediate potential tax savings for building owners or architects and engineers based on the use of energy efficient improvements. Section 179D outlines the requirements for a maximum potential tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot of affected spaces.

At Energy Tax Savers, we know how to apply the tax law to make building energy equipment investments more profitable. As the first green tax firm, we help our clients achieve federal tax incentives aimed at making energy efficient investment as economically viable as possible.

The Benefits of EPAct 179D

The maximum deduction of $1.80/sq ft. is comprised of three partial deductions: up to $.60/sq ft. for lighting, HVAC, or building envelope each.

Tax Savings Benefits

Candidates for EPAct 179D

Ideal candidates for EPAct deductions are newly constructed buildings with at least 50,000 sq ft., renovation projects (particularly lighting retrofits), and regional or national chains that feature multiple locations.

In addition to commercial buildings a major EPAct beneficiary class are the designers for government building projects including architects, engineers, lighting designers, HVAC systems designers, design and build contractors and ESCO's. By statute this is benefit for the designer. The government building owner receives the larger benefit which is the additional energy savings and the designer earns a one time tax incentive.