Solar Energy Information

Warehouse Solar Photovoltaic Tax Incentivized Energy Building Preparations

  • Assemble team including Warehouse experts for EPAct tax incentives, utility rebates, lighting, heater, envelope and solar.
  • See if roof is compatible for solar and heater. Obtain solar and any needed roof/insulation proposals.
  • Obtain lighting design that replaces all inefficient lighting. Compare and contrast fluorescent, induction and LED lighting alternatives.
  • Obtain Cambridge heater or equivalent design proposal based on proposed roof design.
  • Determine utility rebate based on all proposed separate and combined measures. Lighting will reduce electrical use. Roof, insulation and heater will reduce therms.
  • Determine tax incentives including EPAct tax deduction benefit and solar credit tax deductions. EPAct will be based on total project square footage, including mezzanines and pick and pack modules. The 30% solar tax credit will be based on the combined solar material and installation costs.
  • Prepare project proposal integrating project cost, energy savings, utility rebates and tax incentives.
  • Get project approved.
  • Hire contractors and execute project.
  • Have EPAct modeler and tax expert prepare IRS approved software model and tax documentation.
  • Process utility rebates.
  • Reduce Federal and State estimated tax payments for large tax deductions and credits.
  • Celebrate tax enhanced energy efficient warehouse achievement.
  • Consider having the Power of Four program handle all of the above on your behalf.